Traditional Website Design

What is a traditional website?
"Traditional" doesn't refer to how your website looks or behaves. All the websites we build are custom-designed and feature the latest web technologies. By "traditional" we mean how your website is maintained after it is online.
We handle the updates
Our sites that run on Wordpress feature an administration area (content management system) that allows you, the client, to make your own updates after the website is finished and online — add pictures, change text, etc. Traditional website design does not. We make all updates for you.
Why ask us to make updates?
You might think that everyone would choose a site with a CMS so they can make their own changes whenever they want. Well, some clients do. Some people enjoy maintaining their own site, and there's no arguing it will save you a little money.

But there is something very important to take into consideration — time. Specifically, your time. Even a CMS designed to make keeping your website up-to-date takes quite a lot of time ... time you would probably rather spend running your business or organization. Add in the learning curve getting up to speed on the CMS, itself, and suddenly you have another part-time job.

We do Wordpress updates, too
Most of our clients choose traditional website design and leave the updates to us. Others choose a Wordpress (CMS) site and still have us make all updates. (Again, it's a time thing). And that's great. That's what we do. We are updating someone's website everyday, often several websites a day.

It's certainly easier on you. When you want something changed or added, just send us an email at Most updates are done the same day.

Traditional website examples

  • poplarsprings
  • precisionsonar
  • shawneebay
  • zionscause

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